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Our Clients


Part of my process is finding the best and brightest brains around the globe to uncover local market intelligence. Working with Blossom Insights has been an absolute dream. They have an uncanny ability to get to the question behind the questions and articulately communicate a full story behind what they discover. They are true professionals whom I highly recommend.

Tiana Holt |Principle | Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve


Blossom Insights provoke us with their level of insight and bring passion to the table. I am always impressed at how easily they understand our business need and the strategic solutions that they offer, most often on a very limited budget. One of my favourite agencies to work with.

Fawzia Docrat | Consumer and Market Insights Manager | Unilever


Blossom Insights is not just a research company. Your issues become their issues and their passion and drive to solve for it shows in their work and dedication. They have supported me this year with unusual requests new thinking and diverse environments. 

Bhavna Maharaja | Tea Marketing Manager | Unilever


Blossom Insights pulled together multiple sources of data, simplified the story, and delivered valuable and actionable insights.  There was a great balance between hard measures, and strategic thought-starters in the final report.  Clarity on the business context and objectives meant that the feedback was relevant and valuable, and enabled us to make sound strategic decisions about our brands and business.

Sue Stringer | Head of Marketing | SA Natural Products

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