The Team



We are a senior insights team of 2 with an insatiable curiosity to learn about people's thoughts and behaviours - and how markets operate as a result . We know that leveraging this combination in businesses ignites competitive advantage. 

The Blossom Insights story starts when we joined the Unilever Consumer and Market Insights team on the same day in 2003. As individuals, we have worked with insights across the full spectrum of the innovation process from development to post-launch, and know how it should be used to influence business decisions. We have a range of experience on both client and agency sides, leading projects and teams, including Jacinta's years spent in a quantitative multinational research house and Gill's time focusing on in-market performance and competitor intelligence. We teamed up as Blossom Insights in 2016.  

We are passionate about analytics and the business of story telling. Our advantage is our ability to join the dots of consumer understanding, in market data, and how businesses work in a way that turns this information into a business growth story. When faced with a client's business problem, we make it our own - our empathy and curiosity drive our digging to solve. 



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